8 Questions & Answers that will explain everything. Why 8? Because that’s all we had time for.

Kathryn Leehane is Foxy Wine Pocket. She loves to tell stories that make you spit out your drink. She pens the humor blog, Foxy Wine Pocket, and has contributed to several anthologies and over a dozen popular web sites, including Redbook Magazine, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, The Huffington Post, and Scary Mommy.


Foxy Wine Pocket, you have 24 Hours To Live! (And by live, we mean you somehow finagled to get away and get 24 hours of kid-free, no responsibilities, me-time!)

1: You have 20 bucks in your pocket. What will you do with it?

Buy tacos and chavelas. Naturally. Never heard of chavelas?  Google that shit now. They will change your life.


2: What will you be wearing?

Same thing I’m always wearing: my “NOPE” t-shirt, stretchy pants, and flip-flops. (Please don’t hate me. In California, we can wear flip-flops pretty much year-round.)


3: During this 24 hour period, you have to complete a challenge – Would You Rather eat chicken McNuggets for 1 full hour (no dipping sauce), OR, make out with a live chicken for 10 seconds? Why?

Making out includes heavy petting, right? So I’ll take “Stroking the Chicken” for $500, Alex. I will name the chicken Jason. Jason Bateman.


4: What are the Top 5 things you’ll want to have with you?

  • My puppy
  • A phone to document the shenanigans (and possibly call for a lawyer)
  • Lip balm, because I really hate chapped lips
  • A credit card to buy more tacos
  • Probably a tissue stuffed up my sleeve because OMG I’VE ALREADY BECOME MY GRANDMA


5: What will you be drinking?

I’m a non-discriminatory drinker. But tacos go best with beer, right? Or tequila. Or both.


6: What Game Of Thrones character would you do, and why?

None. They’re too dirty. And while I don’t shower regularly, it’s more often than once every couple of months. I suppose if I had to pick, I’d do the Mother of Dragons. She’s going to rule the world soon—imagine the perks.


7: It’s hour 23. What will you do with your last hour?

Probably sleep. Indulgence is exhausting. And interruption-free sleeping is heavenly.


8: How will this 24 hours have changed you?

As long as I don’t get arrested, I’ll be well fed and rested, which will make me a better person, wife, and mother. Although I will probably be hungover. So it really won’t change much.


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