8 Questions & Answers that will explain everything. Why 8? Because that’s all we had time for.

Karie is a fashion forward hair stylist and cosmetic glitter guru.  She is the founder and owner of kmreflection a cosmetic company that makes the most gorgeous, easy-application, made-to-order glitters. We caught her on her way back from the launch of her new product line in New York City. Oh, and she’s a mom to an awesome little boy, too.

Karie Mathews, Creator of kmreflection, you have 24 Hours To Live! (And by live, we mean you somehow finagled to get away and get 24 hours of kid-free, no responsibilities, me-time!)

1: You have 20 bucks in your pocket. What will you do with it? Get a quick piano lesson, I’m all thumbs but feeling my inner Kenny G.

2: What will you be wearing? Army pants and flip flops, tank, GLITTER (gunmetal).

3: During this 24 hour period, you have to complete a challenge – Would You Rather eat chicken McNuggets for 1 full hour (no dipping sauce), OR, make out with a live chicken for 10 seconds? Why? I’m totally kissing that chicken. I love animals.

4: What are the Top 5 things you’ll want to have with you? Squirt gun, quarters, lip gloss, glitters and my sister.

5: What will you be drinking? Whiskey sours

6: What Game Of Thrones character would you do, and why? Never watched game of thrones but I would love to travel to Croatia.

7: It’s hour 23. What will you do with your last hour? My last hour…I’m laughing. I’ve had too many whiskey sours, my pockets are full of quarters. My squirt gun is magic and squirts good health, or whiskey sour upon you, my glitter eyes look amazing and I have my sister.

8: How will this 24 hours have changed you? What I learned in my last 24 hours is to have fun and let loose. Moms need a friggin break sometimes.


Order your made to order glitter today from Karie Mathews:

Web: kmreflection.com


Phone: 315-542-4990




And a high five to her marketing agency: Magnolia Soco


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