Get featured on Bleeping Motherhood!

We are excited at the opportunity to feature you in our upcoming series, “24 Hours To Live”.
For consideration, please email us the following to
Here’s what we need:
 – A photo of your choice, preferably a well lit headshot (please note, it can be silly or quirky).
 – A short bio. (be sure to include anything new that’s going on with your blog that you want to plug (newly published book, viral post, etc…). Also include any social links you want us to include.
 – Short answers to the following 8 questions. Please keep answers lite and funny — sarcasm is key here.
Let us know how you’d like to be referred to as:
<FEATURE BLOGGER NAME>, you have 24 Hours To Live! (And by live, we mean you somehow finagled to get away and get 24 hours of kid-free, no responsibilities, me-time!)
1: You have 20 bucks in your pocket. What will you do with it?
2: What will you be wearing?
3: During this 24 hour period, you have to complete a challenge – Would You Rather eat chicken McNuggets for 1 full hour (no dipping sauce), OR, make out with a live chicken for 10 seconds? Why?
4: What are the Top 5 things you’ll want to have with you?
5: What will you be drinking?
6: What Game Of Thrones character would you do, and why?
7: It’s hour 23. What will you do with your last hour?
8: How will this 24 hours have changed you?
If you are selected to be part of the Bleeping Motherhood “24 Hours To Live” series, you will be contacted via email within 2 weeks.
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