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Naomi Pelss
Naomi PelssMom Blogger
Naomi Pelss is a wife and mother of four children ages 12, 10, 7 and 1. Her youngest blessing came when she was 41 years old. Naomi is the manager of a child care centre, and has been a registered Early Childhood Educator for almost twenty years. She blogs about her parenting journey at www.morewithfourblog.com Some of her posts are informative, some are sentimental, and some of her posts are funny. All of her posts are honest and real.
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Michele Yoho
Michele YohoOur resident Military Mom
Some call me the Commanding General or household six over here at Team Yoho. Lucas, my awesome husband is an Active Duty Infantry soldier. We have two creative, yet imaginative daughters whom we adore. We have lived in seven states. Some the same and some, well, different. I’m a stay-at-home mom with lots of hobbies, who volunteers and has a desire to find my next passion.
Bleeping Fit Moms
Bleeping Fit MomsThe Fit-ish Sisters
The Fit-ish Sisters are both Moms of two kids. We won’t say who’s older, but they’re two years apart and best friends who waste a lot of time talking on Facebook Messenger and texting each other too much. The Sisters spent their early years beating each other up and fighting over who was the skinnier, prettier sister with more friends in suburban Long Island. In their 20’s, the focus turned to dancing on top of bars in tight black pants and in their mid-30’s, they finally decided to give up their lives of fast food kiddiemeals and sitting on the couch watching Netflix and get their butts back in shape after having kids. Together they became Health and Fitness Coaches with Team Strive for Strong. Instead of competing for who has the hotter boyfriend or can hold their liquor better, they now support one another while running Online Challenge Groups. When they’re not busy being Super Moms to their kids, the Sisters help coach others online to get in the best shape of their lives, reclaim their “pre-pregnancy” bodies or just feel more confident in their own skin. To join the Sisters on their journey of health and fitness, contact them at fitishsisters@gmail.com. Trust and believe there will be lots of sarcasm and brutal honesty, but also tons of blood, sweat, tears and laughter.
Rachel Gorton
Rachel GortonOwner of My Sweet Sleeper, Certified Sleep Consultant, Registered Adult and Kid's Yoga Teacher
Rachel received her sleep certification in 2013 from the International Maternity Institute. She started her practice serving families in the Denver area, and has recently expanded to the East coast, serving the greater Boston area as well, although she works nationwide by mobile. Rachel has worked with hundreds of families in helping create healthy sleepers. Her passion is in passing on the knowledge of successful sleepers to so many families who are struggling to get the sleep they desperately need. When not working you can find her at the gym, at the beach, or spending time with her family. She is the Mother of the coolest 6 year old boy and Step-Mom to 3 pretty rad kiddos! You can connect with her on her website: www.mysweetsleeper.com or through her facebook page: mysweetsleeper
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