My hair, (shhh don’t tell it), has taken a back seat since my children were born. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll do my hair for major holidays — but the other 362 days a year, you’ll find me running errands about town with a messy bun on top of my head.

I do remember a time when I cared what my hair looked like, all the time. But these days, 90% of the time my hair is unwashed, unkempt and bordering dreadlocks. I think it had something to do with the cookies and vomit that ended up as a common hair accessory that made me less likely to rock cute updos.

Embracing Mom Hair, with style

As a mom, it’s inevitable that “stuff” will end up in my hair. So I decided to embrace it. But I’m not going to shame my hair and pull it back in a lazy bun all day, every day. I’m going to celebrate my hair. I’m going to own the Cheerios and apple sauce that get flung across the breakfast table and land in my hair. And guess what, drumroll please. I’m gonna look good doing it.

That’s why I created “Mom Hair”. A short video showing how I create wearable hair styles AND embrace being a mom. Even though we have food in our hair, we can still look good! Can I get a hell yeah?

Check out the video now, and share this post with a mom who you think rocks awesome mom hair!

P.S. After you create your awesome Mom Hair look, you can pick up your copy of Bleeping Motherhood’s Would You Rather – a new humor book for moms who love to laugh! Great hair, great book, it’s a no brainer!

P.S.S. Here’s a great article on how to clean your hair brushes and other hair tools.

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