In this edition of Suck On This, you will actually be getting something to Suck On. A compilation of fabulous drink pop recipes that are sure to be an early Christmas gift to yourself after a hot summer day. I have not been able to test these recipes, so someone step up to the plate and tell us what you think! They all look and sound so friggin’ delish, I’m not even sure where to begin.

1-watermelon-1Watermelon Margarita Poptails
Stop it! Can these BE any more fabulous? Check out this fun pop recipe.




2-cucumber-2Cucumber Ginger and Gin Ice Pop
I think I might try and incorporate this one into my beauty routine, although I have not yet been able to establish a beauty routine. But we’ll save that for another post. Get this recipe.



3-pina-colada-3Pina Colada Ice Pops
These look so refreshing, and you really can’t go wrong with Pina Colada in the summer. Get your recipe here.




4-white -wine-4Summer White Wine Fruit Popsicles
Are you a white wine girl? Check out this must have recipe.




5-mudslide-5Mudslide Poptail
I love a good Mudslide. And a Frozen Mudslide? Give it to me. Now.




Now after trying these, you should feel like a kid on Christmas. Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly this summer!

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