Sometimes all us moms want to do is have a sip of water. Or coffee. Anything to keep us hydrated/awake/sane would do. Most of the time, it’s a failed attempt.

Why? Toddlers. They knock it over. They come over with their curious minds and want to take it from you. They want what you have. Well, kid, not anymore!

Bleeping Motherhood has discovered a new drink mechanism that saves the day, every time! No more spills. No more clean ups! It’s called The Mighty Mug. And I suggest you get one.

Check out this video to see how this mom was fed up with getting TODDLERED with her drinks every day, and how she never has to worry about it again!  And check out our friends at  The Mighty Mug to get your own TODDLERED-proof mug (or see their kickstarter campaign for bar glasses).




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