We had a great time playing along on the We Are Real Moms Instagram contest in November done by Being Mamma Bear and co-hosted by Photostories by D.  We got a chance to share a humor tip and loved the responses we got back.

First – you need to know what ideas we gave – Nikita (from Being Mamma Bear) gave the subject idea, “my perfect Sunday” and here’s how we inspired them:

“Tell us what your perfect Sunday is. Not what your current Sunday will be, but what you wish it would be. But let’s be funny, ok?
Tip 1: Make people laugh with the unexpected. For example – It’s easy as a mom to get sucked in to the bad that’s happening. I’m too tired to make dinner, my kids are covered in mud and screaming as they try to karate chop the staircase railing. Fantastic. But when I look on the interweb, I should have made a nutritionally sound meal (instead
of a phone call), my house should be neat and orderly (instead of covered with mud and crayon drawings from three years ago) and I should look chic in the latest fashions with nary a grey hair on my head.

See what I did there? A lot of being funny can be talking about the unexpected. You related to the karate chops, right? And laughed when you thought about your house being neat and orderly at the end of a long day.

Tip 2: Never underestimate the humor in making fun of yourself. You don’t have to be mean, you should never be mean, especially to yourself. But going through the day laughing at the times you had higher expectations of your day, your children and your life can not only make your day brighter, but make your writing funnier.

So, let’s talk about what a Sunday should be?  I’ll tell you what, it isn’t going to be trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. What I’d love a Sunday to be is forgotten, because either I slept through it or I started with mimosas and moved quickly to tequila. And nailed the motherhood thing the whole way through (or my partner nailed it for me). But we can be real here, right?  Because those things haven’t happened since before kids.  And because secretly I love my kids and want to spend time with them doing things we all enjoy.  Not the magazine perfection that never quite works out how you think it will.

Tell us, what was the last time you had pure joy  Despite what it involved – that’s what your perfect Sunday is, right?  And no judgement here if it involves sleeping through it or tequila.”


Top 5 Instagrammers that made us laugh on the #WARM_Nov2017

5: Joyofmommying – posts that involve food as a perfect Sunday?  Count us on.  Sleeping until 11am – we like it.

4: my_universe_s – We really liked the reminisce about days of pre-kids…..and then dream, again, of sleep.  A trend?

3: tiny.little.voice – Baby sleeps with you and lets you sleep until 10am?  That is some humor writing!!

2: mommytobabyyuv – Seriously, it seems all moms want for the holidays is sleep!  Can that be so hard?  Oh, and obviously some food.

1: the_desi_momma – All the yes’s.  We snorted when we saw this graphic, and she paid it off well in her fantasy.

We’d recommend checking out all of these instagrammers.  As you can see, great fun was had in the We Are Real Moms Instagram Nov 2017 contest.  Be sure to check out December and January, when we’ll be sharing hosting duties!  You can search “we are real moms” in instagram, or click on this link.

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