We all need mom friends, right?  Someone that you can furiously text to when things go south (or someone to cry over about spilled milk).  Thanks to contributing writer, Naomi, on these tips:

How To Be A Great Friend

  1. Be ready to listen.  Sometimes women (especially women who are mothers) need to vent.  We need to talk to someone other than tiny humans.  So when a friend starts talking and you recognize it as a long venting session, you need to just sit and listen.
  2. Take the woman out. Go to the bar, go the mall, go out for dinner.  Just go somewhere other than her usual daily scene.  Call her up and invite her to go out.  What are you waiting for?
  3. Take your friend’s children for awhile. Give her a break.  Just show up and take her kids and then suggest she has a long bath with a glass of wine or something.  Now that’s true friendship.
  4. Bring her something she likes. If a friend is having a bad day, bring her a flower, bring her chocolate, or buy her a coffee.  Any small token of appreciation will be remembered and is a sure way to instantly put a smile on your friend’s face.
  5. Tell her she looks fantastic. What woman does not want to be told that she looks good?  The problem is we don’t hear it enough.  So start saying it.  Tell your friend when you think she looks beautiful.  You just might make her day.

I just realized these tips would also work as “Top 5 Ways To Be a Good Partner” – so maybe pass it along to those significant others in your lives as well…it couldn’t hurt.

What ways are you a great friend?  Tell us!  Comment below or continue the conversation on the Bleeping Motherhood facebook page.

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