It is a week in to 2018 and if you are anything like me, your resolutions for the year might be starting to slip.  But, that can be fixed!  Here are ways to jump start your favorite resolutions!

Top 5 Resolutions – and how to get back on track

5 – Getting more exercise:  This is a common resolution, one of the top ones that moms make.  And one of the chief reasons I avoid the gym in January.  But, I still want to get more exercise, so I like to make life a little more dangerous!  I give my children real glasses and good china to eat off of.  Then I desperately lunge and run to catch them before my children smash them on the ground.

4 – Save money: This is the time of year when supermarkets put all their healthy food on sale so you can stock up on it.  Turns out, I did a super job last year on stocking up on it, so super that I still have it.  Instead of grocery shopping, I try to eat out of my pantry for a week.  I save a week’s worth of groceries and any food that has gone bad over the year goes right through me, helping me with the next resolution.

3 – Lose weight: Once I’ve finished the week of eating food that has likely expired, making me sick and unable to eat for a week, I realize I still have more weight to lose.  So I eat more meals with my children.  Not only do they completely turn me off by their eating habits (picture shoving whole handfuls of spaghetti in their mouths), but then they want the food on my plate and inevitably spit it out because they don’t like it.  See – I don’t need smaller plates!

2 – Spend more time on personal well being: Next time you take the kids to an indoor playplace, put your mouth on everything.  Try to ingest every single available germ.  Then, when you spend the next week alternating between violently throwing up and passing out, you’ll get that personal well being time you’ve been looking for; assuming you have a partner that will help with the parenting duties while you lose the whole year’s worth of food.  It also helps with #3!  You may not come out of it well rested, but that was a pipe dream anyway, right?

1 – Drink less alcohol: This might seem insurmountable, until I drop this on you.  Don’t drink it, eat it!  Check out this link from Eat This. Not That! that actually gives you boozy food options that are loaded with nutrients and vitamins!

Need more help?  Drop us a comment about a resolution you need help with sticking on.  We’d be happy to throw more suggestions your way!

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