Have you heard that new, hot song yet on the radio? It’s called, ͞”Mommy, I Sneezed!”

I’m not exactly sure who sings it, but I don’t think it matters. Oh wait, it’s not a song on the radio. It’s my kid, yelling ͞”Mommy, I Sneezed!” yet again.

One thing is certain. It’s cold and flu season. You’re gonna wipe snotty noses. And you’re gonna like it. Because you have to. Because you’re “mom”. And moms wipe snotty noses. Like all day. Every day.

Want to take your snot wiping game to another level? A whole new level where you cut wiping noses, like in half? Here’s a tip.

Try introducing Elderberry Syrup into your daily routine. Elderberries are packed with beneficial nutrients for fighting off cold and flu and can boost your immune system. You can make your very own elderberry syrup or even elderberry gummies.

I myself like to take a shot of the syrup every day. My kids don’t love it, but I manage to sneak it into their juice, and to tell you the truth, I enjoy being a Sneaky-Mcsneaky-pants mommy.

Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose. Take it from a mom who got demoted from full time nose wiper to part time wiper!

Have you tried Elderberry Syrup? Tell us about it or send this to a friend who needs some immunity boosting!

Check out the video:

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