Wanna know how you can act like a small child and get away with it, (kind’a) In 21 Easy Steps?
1: Grab a bunch of mama friends/drinking buddies/crazy-ass peeps

2: Grab 1 bottle of wine per crazy-ass peep (not to exceed 47).

3: Drink all the wine.

4: Go to a bar.

5: Dance like everyone is watching.

6: Don’t care about anything.

7: Don’t think about anything.

8: Just dance.

9. And laugh.

10: And drink.
11: Dance on that pole if you want.

12: Dance on that table if you want.

13: Dance on that coat rack that you mistook for your husband.

14: Just Shake It Off.

15: Shake It Off.

16: Tell the bartender, Earl, that he reminds you of Caillou.

17: Furiously wax the top of Earl’s bald head until he starts bleeding.

18: Laugh with (at) Earl.

19: Get kicked out.

20: Uber it home.

21: Pass out in a pile of mush in the backseat while your girlfriends scream “Living On A Prayer” at the top of their lungs.

I don’t want to be responsible for what comes next, or for how your morning goes…so I’m just gonna leave this here.

P.S. Make your life a little easier and pre-buy your morning hangover aspirin right now!

P.S.S. Sometimes it’s good and healthy to get out and misbehave a little like a small child with your besties.

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