Not sure what idiotic kid’s tv show convinced my children of the tooth fairy, but at this point, if we don’t deliver, society has told me they really will sell parts of their body because of this childhood disappointment. Fine. We’ll play society’s games. Again.

But let’s make it a bit easier on ourselves.  Enough with this “under the pillow” nonsense.  If we have to give them money or gifts for a part of their body that we helped them grow, let’s get a little something back.

Turns out Tooth Fairies Like Wine

Instead of the children hiding it under the pillow and crossing your fingers that when you look for it, you find it without waking your children, try putting it somewhere safer.

Next to a glass of wine, perhaps.

I mean, shouldn’t this be a reward for you as well, for growing a child so well that their body does what its supposed to?  Expels teeth?

I’m not held to the glass of wine.  It can be whatever kind of treat you prefer.

Imagine this – a simple tooth laying next to a glass of wine…….this will be a tooth fairy that doesn’t forget!

Do you have more tips for dealing with the tooth fairy?  Tell us by commenting below.

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