Sleeping baby – that doesn’t sound so bad, right?  It is what most people look for, I’d bet!  Until, the baby is asleep in the car and you know you are waiting it out.  Or the baby is asleep on your lap and the slightest “click” of your phone will awake the terror you’ve spent 20 minutes getting in to this state.  Until, until, until…..I’ve got a billion of them.  My husband and I spent more times in cars with a sleeping baby then I care to think about.  Our oldest was not good at staying asleep when transferred, so we stayed where he slept and adapted our lives.

The “Can’t Transfer Sleeping Baby” Solution

You know it.  We’ve solved it.  Our new book, Bleeping Motherhood’s Would You Rather: Pregnancy, Baby & Beyond.  Because phone batteries die, or accidentally auto-play surprisingly loud videos.

Because you’ve already gazed adoringly into your child’s eyes while they breastfed and now you need a god damn moment to yourself.

Because you’ve reached the end of possible discussions with your significant other, and now you want a silly reason to laugh together.

Crack open to page 51.  That is one of my favorite ones.  I bet it’ll spur some hilarious discussion with your significant other.

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