Bleeping Motherhood’s Would You Rather: Pregnancy, Baby & Beyond is packed with all the mommy goodness — a playful exploration of hilarious (and sometimes wacky) questions around this crazy thing we call “motherhood”. This funny mom book is specifically designed with the stages of pregnancy, newborn through toddler and everything in between in mind. So you’ll be sure to laugh your way through all the ups and downs – WARNING: you may pee, snort or gasp!
This book comes equipped with lots of mommy tips and tricks (both playful and helpful) as well as places to record memories, milestones and/or advice. It’s a great option for baby shower games, mom playdates or gifts for new or well seasoned moms.

If you can’t imagine something worse happening than these, this funny mom book might be the book for you:

Wear those white afterbirth hospital panties to your next beach outing

Miss the toilet every time you have morning sickness?

Never get a full night of sleep while pregnant?

Offer the yucky orange glucose drink at your next cocktail party

Check what others are saying about Bleeping Motherhood’s Would You Rather: Pregnancy, Baby & Beyond

This book got me through my last month of pregnancy! I laughed all the way to the hospital!
Any book that makes you consider the possibility of wearing a tiara on your vagina is a must have!
“Would you rather read this book while hiding from the kids in the closet with a bag of cookies and laugh so hard you pee a little OR would you rather take this book to your new mom friend’s shower and make all the women laugh so hard they pee a little?” This is an easy one. Either way it’s a win-win,with laughter, cookies, and the best party game to break the awkward silence between moms. Caution: Only for mothers with a sense of humor who can laugh at themselves and others in good fun.
I laughed, I cried — then I read this book.
This is much more fun at baby showers and playdates than those old tired games!
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