Bleeping Motherhood’s Would You Rather… takes you on a journey of hilarious questions and choices (some based on real life experiences –but we won’t tell which ones).
New and expecting mommas as well as the seasoned professional mom will love this exploration of doing one insane thing over another.

Even if you’re in the process of becoming a mom, this book will either make you laugh (try not to pee yourself), cry (hormones on overdrive), or rethink your baby-making decision altogether (crap).

Take a listen as Bleeping Audrey and Bleeping Kerri talk about each of their favorite Would You Rather questions, what inspired their question, and what they would choose.

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“Laugh Out Loud read! Motherhood, wait PARENTHOOD is messy! This book makes is all FUNNY! This will bring funny into your day, bring to a party and enjoy sharing your choices. Dads this is for you too. Life needs to be balanced with funny, here is a great way to get that dose of laughter.”
Claudine Mossbeerg
“Really funny quick read for Moms and moms to be. Perfect for the bathtub, beach reading, sitting in the pediatrician’s office. People may wonder why you’re laughing so hard though. But it was a lot of fun, just don’t read it to your kids as a bedtime story.”
J. Bair
“Silly and fun! This book is a laugh out loud quick read. Perfect for an afternoon, morning or end of the day pick me up!”
“A quick, hilarious read. Made me cringe and laugh at the same time, and even ask myself if I would do some of the things in this book (probably not!) Would make a great humor gift/conversation starter/bathroom reader.”
“A quick, witty read. This would make an excellent shower gift for expecting parents or new parents. I found myself laughing at the hilarity of the scenarios to which, sadly, many parents will relate.”
“What a fun read! It’s the perfect distraction to any busy mom! Sometimes, motherhood is just plain messy and ridiculous and some of these are definitely based on true events! Hopefully, there will be more from these smart and hilarious mamas!”
Elodie Massaro
“Great gift for any mom!! I’m buying one for my mom for Mother’s Day. Would make a fun game to play during a baby shower too. Kudos to the authors for coming up with some hysterical and relevant scenarios for all us moms out there :)”
“Cute, fun read. Best for drinking games! Or so I’m told. ;)”
Midlife Margaritas
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