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It’s Tooth Fairy Time

I’m not a fan of the tooth fairy.  Why is this a thing?
I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent years convincing my children that there were no monsters under the bed, in the closet […]

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  • bad mom baby shower

Weekly Tip – Baby Shower Made Easier

There needs to be more pins on Pinterest about how not to seek perfection.  I hope you pin this one.  This is about how to stay sane when it comes to baby showers.

I just can’t. […]

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  • the overly honest baby book by dawn dais

A Book Review: The Overly Honest Baby Book: Uncensored Memories from Baby’s First Year By Dawn Dais

Can we get a hell yeah! If there were ever such a funny, clever, novelty-parenting item that spoke to me, this would be it.

Dawn Dais has thoughtfully, and humorously spun the standard “Baby’s First Year” […]

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