Can you even believe Christmas is around the corner!? Is your tree trimmed? Is your ugly sweater purchased and ready for various holiday party wearing? Are the gifts wrangled and wrapped? Is your sanity melting before your very eyes? Is this to-do list making you more and more nauseous?

Don’t worry mom, you’re in the homestretch now. The holidays will be gone quicker than you can say Ho, Ho, Ho. So strap in and ride out the rest of the season like an old Ho, I mean Pro! (stripper shoes optional).

Bleeping Motherhood caught up with Santa this weekend and asked for his list of totally awesome books.

How did we convince him to share this list with us? It took several dozen chocolate chip cookies, and 14 glasses of fresh goat’s milk. But we did it!

So if you still have a bunch of gift buying to do, don’t worry! Check out this list of Santa’s favorite books (reviews and details included) and finish off your holiday shopping in an instant!

Monster Bash Spits Fire

When E. C. Kraeft offered us a chance to review her book, Monster Bash Spits Fire, I had hopes my seven-year-old emerging reader son would have interest.  As soon as I opened my digital copy on my computer screen, my son nearly burst out of his chair from another room to get a closer look.  A monster truck that spits fire?!?!  That’s his kind of book!

As I read out loud the first chapter, he was cheering, jumping up and down and making car noises right along with me.  From the very first chapter he was engaged.  After we finished reading, his monster trucks took on new life in his imaginative play.  This will definitely be a book he’ll want to go back to again and again.

The illustrations throughout were engaging and fun.  After all, it was the book cover that first had my son jumping out of his seat to run over and see it!  If you are looking to get a monster truck loving kid engaged in reading, this is a book that will do it!  For $5.99, it is really hard to say no to this fun book.

E.C. Kraeft has two more Monster Bash books expected out this year.  She is also developing a series of Elf Kingdom books which are sure to be hits with my little readers.  You can find this book on and her author profile on

The Path To Being Millionaires

 When we received the opportunity to review Matthew Toren and Adam Toren’s book, Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas, I jumped at the chance.  And we really enjoyed it!

First, as a homeschooling mama, this book is great.  My five year old was entranced by the illustrations, my seven year old was entranced by the ideas.  While going through it together, my seven year old wanted to answer every question and think through each idea.  It was a bit advanced for my particular seven year old (which may not be the case for all seven year olds), this initial introduction of concepts was stellar.  This is definitely one of those books we’ll be keeping around and referring back to and building on ideas and thoughts.  In a homeschooling family, that’s a home run.

Secondly as an entrepreneur myself, it was great having these thoughts and concepts gathered together so well to help my children understand a little better when I say, “Mommy needs to work a bit”.  As we went through the book and we’d go through a concept and they’d ask a question about it, Matthew and Adam anticipated that question and defined it.

Are these concepts I could teach my children myself?  Sure.  But sometimes (and I understand this well as a homeschooling mom) a concept is really better understood when it comes from a different “trusted source” than their momma.  Matthew and Adam did a great job on this book creating trust with their readers.

Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas, is a great book.  My new go-to gift for children 7+.  That with a check to help them get started.

I’m The One Pushing: A Practical and Renegade Guide to Choosing Your Own Motherhood Adventure

It’s been a minute since Bleeping Audrey has been pregnant and given birth. But that doesn’t mean she can’t recall all of the dazzling and incredible moments.

That’s why when she was given the chance to review “I’m The One Pushing”, she was all about it.

“I’m the One Pushing”

A practical and renegade guide to choosing your own motherhood adventure by Ivette Garcia Davila covers a multitude of topics, including:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Mommy guilt
  • Caring for a sick baby
  • Home & womb detox
  • Returning to work after baby
  • And more

There were so many relatable things in this book as well as stuff that I never knew about. This isn’t your grandmother’s pregnancy book. From cord blood banking to placentophagy (eating placenta), you will not be bored with this material.

I really love the way Ivette bucketed all of the information into bite size, digestible pieces of information so I didn’t feel overwhelmed or lost.

You can learn more about the book here,  And don’t forget to get your copy of “I’m The One Pushing: A Practical and Renegade Guide to Choosing Your Own Motherhood Adventure by Ivette Garcia Davila today!

Does Grandma Have A Mustache

When we were asked to review Does Grandma Have A Mustache by Rita Ann Fleming, my first thought was, hmm, DOES grandma have a mustache?

After pondering grandma’s upper lip for a moment, then my own upper lip, I thought, I better read this book.

When I received the beautiful, hard cover book with the adorable grandma illustration on the front cover, I yelled to my two kids and asked, “hey, who wants to read Does Grandma Have A Mu… and before I got to the “stache” they were on either side of me ready and willing.

As we read through the relatable and funny poems, all 3 of us were giggling and pointing out our favorite parts.

We personally really enjoyed the poems “Stuck Santa”, “Just Kidding”, and “Can The Fairy Find Me”.

So, you may be asking…Does Grandma Have A Mustache? You’ll have to get the book and find out for yourself!  It is available on Amazon or through Carmichaels Book Store, a Louisville independent bookstore!


The Overly Honest Baby Book: Uncensored Memories from Baby’s First Year

Can we get a hell yeah! If there were ever such a funny, clever, novelty-parenting item that spoke to me, this would be it.

Dawn Dais has thoughtfully, and humorously spun the standard “Baby’s First Year” with a parent’s version that has me giggling like a small school girl in her book, The Overly Honest Baby Book: Uncensored Memories from Baby’s First Year (Sh!t No One Tells You).

What can you expect?

You’ll be able to document things about your pregnancy, like:

  • First trimester (the ways in which growing a placenta has kicked Mommy’s ass)
  • The week Mommy officially could no longer tie her shoes
  • The number of friends at the shower who didn’t have kids, didn’t participate in the games, and just drank mimosas for the duration

There’s also space in the book where you can add photos of your baby’s first year:

  • “You horrified with Santa”
  • “You, crying in your first Halloween costume”

I must not fail to mention the awesome checklist, “Mommy’s New Hobby: 2:00 a.m. Internet Searches”, featuring:

  • “Will my baby ever sleep?”
  • “Can babies die from crying too much?”
  • “Vasectomy doctors in my area”

There are so many delicious moments in this book, I could go on and on. But you really need to grab a copy for yourself, or better yet…if you know a first time mom, this is literally the perfect gift or add-on item for her baby shower.


Alphabert! An A-B-C Bedtime Adventure

Author Rob Dircks and his brother, illustrator Dave Dircks, have teamed up again- this time with their very first children’s book! Alphabert! An A-B-C Bedtime Adventure is the story of Albert, a kid – like all kids – who just doesn’t want to go to bed. Using the alphabet and his vivid imagination, Albert embarks on various adventures, learning that nothing’s really better than a good night’s sleep.

Don’t miss out on the amazing illustrations, get your copy now.


The Chocolate Prince

Prince Landon is preparing to become King of Bingaling and is expected to help the people of the kingdom just as his father does.

But his love for chocolate will soon prove to disgrace his family’s honor. Will the Prince’s sweet tooth ruin Bingaling? Can the townspeople ever trust him again? See what happens when a youngman becomes, “The Chocolate Prince”. “The Chocolate Prince” is preschool – 3rd grade level reading. Although it was written for children, anyone can appreciate this short story as it highlights important life lessons — being kind to one another and giving each other second chances. BONUS! – Teachers, Parents and Caregivers will love the Q & A activity provided at the end of the story. Enjoy!

Need last minute stocking stuffers? Get copies before Christmas.

The Bad Dad Bundle


Authors Ken Williams, Wesley Huth and Illustrators Mel Casipit and Hasan Lei teamed up to bring you Daddy’s Little Peter, Grow A Pear, Timmy, and Richard is Long for Dick. Bad Dad Publishing is very proud to create books that appeal to both children and adults in a truly unique way. Each book produced has two stories within it: one for the child, and a second story, hidden beneath the first, that is written for the adult reading the book. The result is a series of books that are unlike anything on the market today.

You can grab your bundle right now. Go right to Bad Dad Publishing



Written by Billy Joel, Lullabye is a beautiful song written by Billy Joel about his relationship with his daughter Alexa. The lyrics of the song are the text of the book and the illustrations actually act out those lyrics. Just press play and enjoy! Check out the app as well to see all of the great products Kidioke Media offers! Each book plays the song from beginning to end. Please be aware that it will not be Billy Joel’s voice on the track.


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