This week’s tip explains in detail how to look like a crazy person/asshole in Midtown Manhattan.

I have been listening to “Best Of The Eagles” cd over the last several months in the car. And 98% of the time, my kids are in tow. My toddler has grown to LOVE the cd. We happened to be driving through Manhattan recently, and my lil’ girl wanted to hear “Desperado”. I like the song, so I put it on and she immediately wanted it “LOUDER”. So I turn it up, “LOUDER”. “LOUDER”. “LOUDER”.  She also demanded the windows down.

Now imagine. You’re walking down a street on a beautiful day in Midtown Manhattan, and some crazy lady has all her windows down, with “Desperado” playing with the volume blasted to the max?

Hi, I’m that crazy lady. Click this link to see a video of this epic city sing-a-long event.

Are you a crazy lady? Tell us how your kids made you “appear” crazy (like you were in some wacky Seinfeld episode), and your best advice for it at

PS: Here’s a funny clip of the Desperado episode on Seinfeld. I feel a little like Elaine…

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