Jessica Sullivan is back with us again, talking about fostering a child.  This particular posts brings back some memories of things I would have never thought I’d do before becoming a mom.

Fostering brings a lot of changes to your life.  Particularly things that you would have never done for a niece or nephew (or done with a lot of gagging), but now it is a part of life and you’ve got to find the internal fortitude to get through it.  Somehow.

Fostering Messes

5. VOMIT: Surely, everyone is going to agree with this?

How is it that young babies throw up when you’re in a nice top, or when you try to help them burp. Now, I am not going to protest to be a saint, because when I studied at university I must admit I had a few nights where alcohol had got the better of me and I was sick. But, at least then I can expect it, or had a barrel of fun because of it.  With my child it is whenever and wherever is most inappropriate.

4. WEE: Now at least I don’t think I have ever had to clean my own up! With wee I sometimes get a warning and sometimes I won’t. My boy will occasionally cry before relieving himself or he will cry because he wants to. Then just when I take off the nappy he wets; himself, me, and the table. Disgusting right?

3. Spilled Baby Food: Anything in paste form should be expected to be messy. Seems like that would be obvious, right?  Well I didn’t think about it, and it is funny how that little food that starts on the spoon completes the mission into the mouth. Or doesn’t complete the mission at all.  I’ve tried everything but the food can end up on the bib, highchair, and most annoyingly on the floor.

2. Messy Bottoms: Obviously before having a child you are allowed the privilege of never having to wipe somebody else’s bottom. Sure you get kind of in the swing of it after a while, but it’s never a pleasant experience.

1. Laundry: The laundry pile grows tenfold when you introduce a child your life. All the above is left on their little clothes. And then that’s not to mention the dirt and soil they pick up from outside. How do they always find the dirt pile?  

The best thing I have found is to keep your clothes in a totally separate wash, even if that means you will occasionally be wondering through draws desperate for clean socks.

Anything else you would add to the list?  Tell us by commenting below!

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