By Naomi, contributor from More With Four blog

The secret is in the title.  PLAN IT.  Plan it and do it.  Set a date and stick to it.  All too often we say, “Yeah, we should get together soon”.  No.  That never works.  You need to actually PLAN it.  Get your planners out or sync your smart phone calendar apps (if that’s a thing) or text each other possible dates immediately and then follow through.  Pick a date and a time and just do it.  Just do it! (I feel the need to credit Nike here…)  Take charge and be the one to set a date and time and tell everyone what is happening.  Your friends will thank you.

Making plans involve getting a sitter far in advance.  Have a back-up plan for the sitter.  You are not letting these plans fall through!  Get someone reliable so you don’t worry all night long. Think ahead.  Make reservations.  Call a taxi and make sure you have extra cash.  Oh, and maybe book a babysitter or grandparent for the next day as well.  You may end up having a really good time!

Before you leave, set the date for the next time and make it happen!  PLAN IT.  Go!  Go now… Run to your calendars and text your friends.  You will be glad you did.

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