Are You A Funny Mom?
How to become a contributor for Bleeping Motherhood:

If you’re interested in writing for us, we only ask that you help us stick to our brand guidelines and provide 3 humorous posts, on the same topic, as follows:

Post 1: “Suck On This” This is a general post, typically a personal story or anecdote. Can be one of your existing/published posts, or new.

Post 2: “Top 5” This is a top 5 humor list around your category.

Post 3: “Weekly Tip” This is a funny tip focused on your category.

(You will be featured 3 different times in the same week!)

You can check out examples of each of the above posts on our website for length and tone:

Suck On This example:

Top 5 example:

Weekly Tip example:

NOTE: All writing should be kept light and funny. We do not accept any form of writing that includes shaming children or mom judging and we reserve the right reject any posts. The occasional swear word is acceptable.

How To Submit:

Please email to

– Your name
– Name of your blog
– Category you are submitting for
– Short bio and photo, Social Media links (for our contributor’s page)
– 3 posts as outlined above (with suggested titles) in ONE word document.
– If you have a corresponding image that you would like us to use in the post, please attach it to the email, otherwise we will create one that works with your posts. If we find that your supplied image does not adhere to our theme/format, we will provide one.   You must own the rights to the image or have permission to use it.
– Subject Line should read: Post Submissions: YOUR BLOG NAME
– If your article is timely (i.e. something trending that we should post sooner than later, your subject line should read: TIMELY Post Submissions: YOUR BLOG NAME

Before you submit! Please double check your word doc for typos, spacing issues, etc. We reserve the right to edit your posts if they do not adhere to our guidelines.

We will let you know if/when your posts will be published on our website.

Important: We ask that you SHARE each of the 3 posts with your network on whichever social media platforms you utilize (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Thanks and good luck!

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